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SYLVAINE - Wistful - 2xLP Ver más grande

SYLVAINE - Wistful - CD

CD digipack - Season of Mist - 2016.

With her sophomore album 'Wistful', multi-instrumentalist SYLVAINE is delving deeper into her characteristic ambient wall-of-sound landscapes that are painted by beautiful melodies, mesmerising violin and cello, lingering guitar riffs and atmospheres, which are all underlined by a solid groove.

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The Norwegian is not just another blonde driven by obvious BURZUM worship, but has developed her own sound that owes more to the shoegaze of ALCEST for example. No wonder that the album features contributions by ALCEST main man Neige, among others! Get ready to devote some time to SYLVAINE and get drawn deeper into the magic of 'Wistful' with each spin.

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