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SONS OF BALAUR - Tenebris Deos - LP Ver más grande

SONS OF BALAUR - Tenebris Deos - CD

CD digipack - Season of Mist - 2016.

SONS OF BALAUR have come to life. Straight out of the highly acclaimed 'Realm of the Damned' graphic novel, this obviously fictional Norwegian band is actually delivering a remarkable first full-length.

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Yet while the graphic novel comes across as bloody as brutal, the biography of the demonically possessed maniacs is offered quite tongue-in-cheek as well as representing a respectful nod to the early Nordic black metal scene with its fanatic ideology and criminal record.

In stark contrast to this, the musical intentions behind SONS OF BALAUR's real-life debut album 'Tenebris Deos' should be taken very seriously. Although the band is supposedly of Norwegian origin, the style of sound and the densely woven guitar-work of 'Tenebris Deos' clearly points towards an English back-ground with many cross-references to scene classics from BATHORY, CELTIC FROST, and VENOM to the second and even third generations on black metal.

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