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DEFILED - Towards Inevitable Ruin - CD

CD digipack - Season of Mist - 2016.
DEFILED are back with a bang. 'Towards Inevitable Ruin' is not for the faint of heart or intended for easy listening, but given a chance it will not fail to impress! The revered Samurai of death metal crush through the spiral ganglion with a sound rawer than shark sushi that still bites.

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No doubt the low-fi production of their fifth full-length 'Towards Inevitable Ruin' owes as much to gutter punk as is possible for a band following the path of extreme metal. Yet after giving this monster some spins, the apparent fragments start to drift together starting from a catchy fill, riff or grating grunt that morph into a strange hook relentlessly driving its spike into the brain.

Side A: Subversion / Cauterized / Doomsday / Conspiracy / Force And Obedience / Shadows Hands

Side B: Fear From Above / Scapegoat / Debunked / One World / Silent But Ongoing / Towards Inevitable Ruin / Defiled (LP bonus track)