PLASTIC WOODS - Dragonfruit - LP
  • PLASTIC WOODS - Dragonfruit - LP
  • PLASTIC WOODS - Dragonfruit - LP

PLASTIC WOODS - Dragonfruit - LP

Vinyl LP (black) - Discos Macarras / Spinda Rec. - 2021.

This second album of Plastic Woods becomes an intention statement.

Having developed themselves as a band, these guys from Antequera (Spain) redefines their sound and takes a step forward, creating an eclectic piece of work that explores new territories in a superb an unique way.


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Black vinyl limited to 100 copies.

The chaotic times we are living inspire this three musicians to push their personality as a band. Thought to take the best of each style involved, the album takes the best from each planetary system they visit. Classic psychedelia renovates itself as Dragonfruit travels around some of the extreme situations lived, personally and collectively, on these late times.

This is an album that brings both dreams and nightmares to life, reflecting on a wide range of emotions and topics. Ranging from naive and introspection to political and social complaint, each song tells its own story, in a delirious an poetic way.

Plastic Woods offers a piece of work that will engage with different kind of audiences, no matter if they are into progressive music or want something different to get their ears on.

This album is a puzzle to be solved, and every clue, every listen, makes it wider and more profound.

Digital download at -BANDCAMP-

Plastic Woods Band

Dragonfruit has been conjured by:

Javier Rubio Arrabal – Drums, percussion
Antonio Pérez Muriel – Bass guitar, multiple arrangements
Jesús de la Torre Sánchez – Guitars, vocal, transverse flute

Antonio Campos del Pino - Flamenco guitar, palmas, jaleos
Irene Veredas - Violin
Miguel Ángel Robles Urquiza - Trumpet
Carlos Mesa García - Sax
Isaac Pascual Godoy - Piano, synth