EVANGELIST - Doominicanes - LP

Vinyl LP (gatefold) - Doomentia Rec.- 2013.

Of course to some remaining anonymous is a publicity stunt. Just a perverted way to tease people’s attention and let them rambling on if, yes or no, there’s a ‘famous’ guy hidden behind the mask.

But to others, it is truly an act of faith. A way of underlining that only music matters. And EVANGELIST is a prime example of such mentality.

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18,00 €

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All you need to know about those mysterious lads is that they’re a bunch of experienced musicians coming from Cracow, Poland and the first of their kind in this country. End of story. The rest is up to the music and boy, oh boy, if you hadn’t been exposed just to it yet thanks to their debut album ‘In Partibus Infidelium’, get ready to sweep off your feet. Yes, EVANGELIST doesn’t even pretend hiding where they are coming from.

Classic and epic doom with a heavy-metal background à la CANDLEMASS and strong religious themes is the name of the game and right from opening track “Blood Curse”, you know you’re dealing with pros here and not simple imitators.