New SIROLL - Pagesos Satànics - Split EP 7'' (color) View larger

SIROLL - Pagesos Satànics - Split EP 7'' (color)

Red Vinyl EP 7" - Grans Records - 2019.

Five songs chosen by each of the members of SIROLL, covered and adapted to their philosophy, language and style.

The irony, the bad taste, the personal reaffirmation and the peculiarity form the base of these new lirycs that try to be fun, entertain and provoke.

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1. Pagesos Satànics (Brujeria-Narcos Satánicos)
2. Vas de punk (Raskaipika-Vistes de Punk)
3. Som Siroll! (Motörhead-We are Motörhead)
4. En Santi torna (Judas Priest-Judas Rising)(Pep Bruguera Solo)
5. Diantre (Entombed-Demon)