ALTARAGE - Nihl - CD Ver más grande


CD Digipack - Doomentia Records - 2017.

Vacío. Desesperación. Aniquilación. La reunión anónima pero monstruosa de los conocidos como ALTARAGE sugiere todos esos sentimientos negativos a la vez, manteniendo su compromiso con el Black / Death.

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After an already extremely promising debut EP last year (simply titled ‘MMXV’), their first proper full-lenght ‘Nihl’ seemingly takes those brave enough to plunge into this cesspool of blackness even deeper into hell. They on purpose conduct an unrelenting assault on all your senses at once whereas all the instruments and vocals seem to be all melt together in one gigantic lava stream. Set out to make you physically uncomfortable and with on purpose very breaks, they may evoke at times PORTAL but with a twist on their own, as if their madness and Lovecraftian visions was all theirs.

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