Marasme was formed in 2008 in Mallorca (Balearic Islands) with a common goal: to make dark, furious and atmospheric music in the most honest way possible for its five members.

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After debuting with a first self-published EP in 2008, the band has released two more albums ("Mirroir" in 2010; "De llums i ombres", in 2014) which won not only the favor of specialized critics, but also to break the Mediterranean insularity through long and extreme songs, fueled by personal experiences as well as cinematographic and literary referents: from Sidney Lumet to Albert Camus.

The introspective bitterness of "Malsons" (2018) commemorates the tenth anniversary of a band who has never understood music as a medium, if not as a goal.


  • Jeroni Sancho, Vocals.
  • Tomeu Canyelles, Guitar.
  • Jordi Carrasco, Guitar.
  • Chús Ponce, Bass.
  • David ‘Dubi’ Álvarez, Drums.


•  Marasme (Self-released, 2008) – EP
•  Mirroir (Odio Sonoro / Radix Records, 2010) – Full-length
•  Aquí les Ombres Mai No Arribaran (Bubota Discos, 2012) – Single
•  De Llums i Ombres (Discos Macarras / The Doc’s Dungeon, 2014) – Full-length
•  Malsons (Wooaaargh / Bubota / Discos Macarras, 2018) – Full-length