APHONIC THRENODY - When Death Comes - CD View larger

APHONIC THRENODY - When Death Comes - CD

CD - Doomentia Rec.- 2015.

APHONIC THRENODY is not what you can call your average band. With various members spread over four different countries and two continents, this now six-headed beast would actually rather label themselves ‘a Doom collective’.

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What was started off initially in London in late 2012 by guitarist Riccardo Veronese from GALLOW GOD and vocalist Rob Mura from URNA was quickly joined by a myriad of musicians from Italy, Hungary or the UK, with extra prestigious guests such as Jarno from SHAPE OF DESPAIR and Greg from ESOTERIC to boot. Based on those names alone, you kind of know from the get-go in what kind of dreaded territories you’re about to enter, desolate Doom/Death soundscapes verging on funeral doom where the words ‘epic’ and ‘mournful’ doesn’t even start to cover it all.