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SOLSTAFIR - Berdreyminn - CD Ver más grande

SOLSTAFIR - Berdreyminn - CD

CD digipack - Season of Mist - 2017.

SÓLSTAFIR no son como ninguna otra banda. Su sexto álbum 'Berdreyminn' subraya esta afirmación. Como su título "a dreamer of forthcoming events" describe acertadamente, los cuatro islandeses han llevado su ya impresionante evolución un paso más allá.

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9,00 € IVA incluido


The band has continued to amalgamate haunting melodies, psychedelic phases, as well as strong undercurrents of classic rock and hard rock with echoes of their metal past. Yet SÓLSTAFIR's focus is not on style but pure emotion. 'Berdreyminn' is eclectic by a conscious choice to make feelings audible and transform taste as well as texture to sound. Genre borders are not broken but simply ignored. Musical influences are gathered from a wide range of sources, re-arranged, and woven into new patterns. Melancholy, longing, anger, joy, pleasure, pain, and other emotions are fuelling & fulling this album.

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